stands for communion with nature and love for the forest.

For me the forest is a source of inspiration, a place of refuge, a true friend and a wise teacher.

“Not where you know the trees, but where the trees know you, is your home.”

Sibirian proverb

What the forest can teach us:

Let’s take the trees as an example:

  1. From an evolutionary point of view and in this tangible reality, trees are much older then we are. They are masters of adaptation and expression of the Earth’s creative force.
  2. Trees never give up, they always make the best out of the situation they are in and therefor they are a symbol of hope and endurance.
  3. In the woods everything is in a state of harmonious flow, the forest does not hold on to anything. Everything constantly renews, changes and cleanses itself. There is no waste, the old becomes the food for the new.
  4. The young trees compete for the light, but once they have reached a certain height and have found their place, they blend into a healthy equilibrium of forces and bestow their blessings in the form of air, leaves, fruits, … for many other lifeforms. The idea of unlimited growth as we know it from our economic system, exists in nature only as cancer and is a explicit sign of illness.

Are these not exactly the sort of things that our human society has lost and what many people are longing for?

The forest does not only consists of tress, but of animals, plants, stones, the elements, … and these forces of nature are approachable through heartbased communication. Thereby we can learn a lot and can have a great deal of fun!

“Trees are sanctuarie. If you know how to talk to them, and if you know how to listen to them, they show you the truth. They dont preach doctrines or recipes, they teach unconcerned about the separate fragments, the primal law of life.”

Hermann Hesse

In my workshops I would like to invite the participants to explore these realms and enter heartbased communication with the forest.
Through my artwork and photography I share the inspiration that flows to me from the heart of the forest.


Nature Spirits

One who listens with the heart, can notice that there is a song in everything. The song of the mountain, the river, the birds or the winds all carry their own particular quality. All the songs together produce a composition like the one of an orchestra. Figuratively speaking they all come together in order to create the mandala of existence.

The “song in the heart” of a person is reflected by their bodylanguage and their vibration and in the same way the book of nature can be read. Our Celtic ancestors did not need a holy book or fixed calender to find orientation in their lives. Nature herself was the book and the rhythm of the changing seasons was the calendar.

Through mythological stories our ancestors handed down to us their experiences of nature through the outer and inner senses. I see this heritage as an orientation, a source of inspiration and primarily as an encouragement to go out myself and experience the wonders of life.

I listen to the song of the forest and tell a story on the paper. In the core of the Celtic and shamanic worldview we find the knowlege that everything is alive and interactive. Knowlege distinguishes itself from mere belief through experiments that all naturebased tribes and people accross different times and cultures confirm.

Next to the ever-changing realm of nature our Celtic ancestors were familiar with the world of symbols. Let’s take the nummbers as an example because they are so deeply anchored in the eternal. The number one was always one and will always remain one. It stands for a principle that can be found on all layers of existence and that stretches far beyong the visible and into abstact inner worlds.

A good part of the inner pictures emerge from our own imagination. It is possible to learn how to quieten the thoughts and feelings and become still, like a  lake in the mountains which perfectly reflects the stars of the night sky. In this state one can go beyond imagination and receive messages from plants, animals or deceased. This ability is found at the center of all yogic and shamanic traditions, in which the “union of all life” is not believed but known and felt through immediate experience.

These skills and many others are secretly sleeping in each of us. We only use a small proportion of our brains. Every person has the potential to re-establish a unique and powerful connection to the source. Practical guidance and a suitable setting will be offered through my workshops.

From a natural disposition and through practice I found, that being in nature allows me to communicate with the nature spirits and elementals around me. Pen and paper work as my communication mediums and my artwork is a reflection of this process.