I am a social worker, field-tested by children, a self-proclaimed artist, a yoga teacher trained in India and a passionate outdoor freak. I have been engaged in bushcraft survival-skills (wild herbs as food and medicine, shelter building, … ) for some years and at the moment I am part of a modern Druid course in England (mythological storytelling, celebration the changing seasons, … ).

My Vision is to combine pratical competence with energetic/spiritual skills in order to deepen my understanding of the natural world and assist others to establish their own unique relationship with nature.

Life flow

A colorful and diverse life needs a little bit of structure. The following symbol helps me to align myself. It names 4 areas in which I am active, qualified and committed to a journey of life long learning. Nature – Art – People – Spirit.

Numerous links connect the content of this page and to websites of my friends and teachers.


about1) Nature

The latin saying “nomen est omen” means “the name is a sign”. The family name Dubois is a french name and means both “from the wood” and “from the forest” and it is a widely spread name in France. For me this name symbolizes a connection to my ancestors, with people who lived and worked in the forest, maybe as lumberman, carpenters or herbalists.

During my childhood I spend a good amount of time outdoors. I have been a scout for 14 years in which my first profound experience with nature occured. One of the highlights at that time was to float down a river for a week only using our self-made rafts.

At the age of 12 my dream was to become a forest ranger because I wanted to spend as much time outside as I could. For 3 years I attended a specialized boarding school for forest rangers and learned basic gardening skills, botanical knowlege and caretaking.

Since I was 18 years old I travelled with my rucksack every summer. I walked for long distances, hitch-hiked cross Europe in all directions and spent more then just a few nights alone in dark forests, learning to do without comfort and adapt to new situations.


In order to get closer to a natural way of being outdoors and to connect to the skills of our ancestory, I started to learn about bushcraft. First with  Uwe Belz in Germany and later on with Thomas Schorr-Kon in England, both excellent teachers from the tradition of Tom Brown. Through this training I have lerned how to make fire with a drillbow, how to build a shelter, to purify water and much more.

I have studied herbology for some years. From the fresh herbs in spring to the homemade herbal infusions in wintertime there is hardly any day in my life without herbs. Much inspiration and practical know-how can be found in the books of W.D. Storl and it was a privilege for me to attend one of his workshops in the south of Germany. Unforntunately not many of his books have been translated to English.

During winter 2013 I went through one of the hardest times of my life because of an infection with lyme diseaseI had to stay in bed for 3 month and became over sensitive to such a degree that I could feel the wireless LAN signals in my lymph nodes. At that time I understood on a direct physical and emotional level how plants, food and health are interconnected and that plants are not just carriers of active components but complex, addressable and conscious beings. An illness can be a teacher and a powerful and transformative initiation, which changes every aspect of our being.

In autumn 2015 I committed to a 3 year long training to become a modern druid. The Druid College is based in England and teaches us how to listen to our inner Voices, how to celebrate the celtic seasonal festivals and how to conduct meaningful rituals in nature.

2) Art

What does it actually mean? So much can be art: dancing, listening, cooking, writing, arranging something, expressing one’s own feelings and ideas in a creative way. All this is art.

In my eyes we are all artists, but sometimes we look at ourselves as “victims of cirumstance” and complain about the poor quality of our material, instead actively use our potential and understanding that we are co-creators in a world full of possibilities. The Ghetto Tarot illuminates this theme in depth and I am very happy that I have been given the chance to contribute to this project.

I know both of this states of mind from my own introspection, but in the last years I have spent more and more time in the active co-creator state and less time in victim-mode. Through my work I would like to invite others to do the same in their own individual way. “I can’t draw/sing/dance …” indicates in most cases that our inner child has been hurt and the good news is that these wounds can be healed! (Book recommendation: the artist’s way – Julia Cameron)


The lines, light and form are fascinating me and I see them as a cross-cultural universal language connecting us all.

I did not go to any art academy, but learned drawing on my own, just becaus I felt an inner need to do it and never stopped doing it since my childhood. I acquired and practiced the technical know-how through life drawing with human models and obersvation of nature. This process of experimenting and refining is still unfolding whereby my artwork is constantly changing. If you like to see more of my artwork, please have a look in the art section of my website.

Taken into the forest, pen and paper or my camera are useful means of communcation that allow me to tap into a trance state and channel the atmosphere of the non-human life around me. The process itself is of higher priority than the result, wherby the pictures can come through me in moments of excitement, peace and awe for the amazing abundance of colors, shapes and structures. Everything is alive, everything sings a song.

3) People

Everything happens in relationship. Even towards myself I can sometimes act like a good friend and sometimes like a merciless critic. What is happening inside of me, inside of my partner, in our human history?

This quest for the true source and the inner principles, led me through an intense time of depression, addiction and suicidal tendences and towards a journey of self-discovery and healing.  Assisted by psychological and spiritual techniques, the help of my friends, mind-expanding books and sacred teacher plants initiations like Ayahuasca, I step by step opened myself towards life.

Teal Swan’s videos about the emotional body, particpation in “holotropic breathingworkshop with Stanislav Grof in Berlin and the “awakening into intimacy” workshops guided by Eli Buren were highly beneficial.

Between 2005 and 2010 I graduated as a social worker. Throughout my studies I focused on psychology, sociology and ethical questions. Together with a fellow student I founded the inernational office and helped other students to leave Europe for there internships.

I have spent 2 six month periodes in India while I was studying.

The first time I worked for an NGO called MUHIL, where I had the chance to learn Yoga from a traditional south-indian Siddha doctor. I lived in a community of mainly castles people in a rural area and helped the doctors to provide medical services based on home-grown herbs.

The second time I travelled throughout India and gathered material for a thesis about “Yoga and education – educational concepts of Yogamasters in theory and practice”. (Download in German). I spent time in schools and monasteries and started to practice meditation.


After my journeys to India I started to teach Yoga and held well recceived talks about the origins of Yoga, not focusing on one particular school but contrasting them by honoring the differences.

While travelling I met wonderful and amazing people, which brought a feeling of hope and optimism to the surface. Participating in volunteering programms, working at festivals and in ecovillages like Auroville in Indien, Damanhur in Italy and Lammas in Wales, has shown me that a positive future is possible and many clever and sustainable solutions have already been found.

From 2010 I worked for 4 years in 2 different kindergardens in Berlin and I spent one year as a religion-teacher in a secondary school in East-Belgium. It is a huge privilege to spend time with children and the curiosity they emit is so contagious.

To work as an educator has taught me how to lead a group and be responsible without overwhelming the children with too much control or leaving them alone in an atmosphere of indifference.

The children don’t have an easy life, because they are over-exposed to by television, advertisement, fastfood, technical devices and plastic. They seem to be spoiled on the material level, but starving on the emotional and spiritual level. This is the alarming situation I have recognized many times throughout my work experience.

This frightening realization encourages me to follow my vision and guide people of all ages towards a process of establishing a more healthy and balanced relationship with nature and themselves. Meaningful rituals and true initiation are needed and an important building block for a healthy society. This can not be replaced by accumulating property and consumerist events like the modern Christmas.

In the next year my partner Kathy and I are planing to hold naturebased workshops for children, youth and adults. We see it as part of our mission to create spaces in which creativity, communion with nature and self-exploration can be combined.


4) Spirit

We are both mortal beings, restricted to time and space, subjected to the law of impermanence, we are also immortal souls, coming from eternity and on the deepest level will always remain connected with eternity. I wish to live in and embrace the paradox of this human experience.

The Autobiography of a Yogi has deeply inspired me and since the time I spent in India I feel connected to the Yoga-tradition. Both Hatha-Yoga and advanced techniqes of meditation like Vipassana and Kirya Yoga enrich my life and make the spiritual dimension more accesible.

After coming back from India, I became more aware of how people in continental Europe have been cut of from our spiritual roots. The bookshelfs are full of knowlege from other cultures. Many of us travell across the world and become inspired by shamanic cultures in South-America or learn about Zen-Buddhism in Asia.To have these possiblities is such a great gift.

Truth is universal, but I personally felt that I was missing a connection to the land I am living on and with the animals, trees, plants and the changing seasons.

Like all other tribes, our celtic ancestors honored the earth as a sacred living being. They are long gone, but their heritage remains. The dragons, elementals, wizards and cauldrons are still alive in our imagination and are reflected in movies, games and books like the “lord of the rings”. What looks like myth to most of us today is often based on core concepts of truth.

The use of shamanic tools makes it possible to connect to the land, the elements, trees and animals and communicate with them.  This is what I am exploring with a group of fellow students at the Druid College and I would love to write a book about these topics in the next years.

Thank you for your curiosity and interest.