Book illustration – The Crane Bag

Joanna van der Hoeven is a modern Druid, best-selling author and my teacher at the Druid College. She asked me to illustrate her new book “The Crane Bag”, that can now be preordered on Amazon.

The Crane Bag gives an introduction to some of the most important tools and rituals that are used in modern Druidry. These tools can help to live in balance and re-connecting with nature. It’s easy to read, contains stories, practical exercise and beautiful pearls of wisdom.

In my eyes, it’s is valuable for all people who follow a shamanic / nature-based path, to learn how to work with the four directions, the ancestors and spirits of place. This book talks about all of these things and more.

The drawing on the left is one out of four illustrations that I have created for the different chapters of the book. I have also made the drawing on the cover of the book.

It was wonderful to co-create and share inspiration with Joanna. I would love to illustrate another book!