Bridgit and the white stag

As we approach Imbolc (2nd February or the second fullmoon of the year) the sun is getting stronger and the days are slowly getting longer. The seeds start to wake up, the song of the light is calling them. It’s a time of purification and regeneration.

The great Goddess has many names. As Bridgit, she is the Goddess of the sacred fire and Goddess of the cleansing water. When fire and water is combined, magic and transformation can happen. She is the Goddess of healing, poetry and crafts. The picture “Bridgit and the white stag” is a devotional piece of art, that I will be using as an altar in my druidic practice.

The white stag embodies the sacred masculine and all that which brings protection, peace and sovereignty. His antlers are connected to the sky, he receives the light from above and carries it through the forest.

I have used watercolours, pencils and acrylics to create this picture. The process of painting was done with an attitude of offering, whilst asking for support and inspiration at the same time.

This way the Awen, the flowing spirit of inspiration, can travell through me. A part of me steps to the side and the image can come into manifestation.