65-0001_ghetto_tarot_box_1In springtime 2015, Alice Smeets asked me if I would like to contribute to her Ghetto-Tarot-Project and I accepted with enthusiasm.

The Ghetto Tarot is a photographic interpretation of the well known traditional Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck. The photographer, Alice Smeets, arranged the scenes in co-operation with a group of Haitian artists called Atis Rezistans.

This extraordinary Tarot deck does not only stand out because of its innovative perspective on the Ghetto and its vibrant colors, it is an invitation to explore our believes and our shadow side.

For more informations check out: www.ghettotarot.com

If you would like to buy a deck, here is a direct link to the shop.

The back side of the cards

Ghetto Tarot Card

Inspired by the sacred art of Haiti, the so called “veve” and in close collaboration with Alice, I created several symbols for the back side of the Tarot cards. Through a online voting all participants of the GhettoTarot Indigogo crowdfunding campaign were invited to vote for a symbol that they would like to see printed on the deck.

The symbol on the cards stands for constructiveness and creativity.

It reminds us that we are both creatures of the earth and co-creators at the same time. As human beings we are not mere “victims of circumstance” because we can create something new out of every material that we find. Through creating sculptures and collages out of garbage, Atis Rezistans give us a very clear example of how this can be done.

Even in our minds we constantly create. The pictures and judgments that arise when we think about the word “Ghetto”, can be very different according to our own cultural and personal background.

Through introspection we can observe our thoughts, recognize the patterns and change them.

“Mind your thoughts, for they become your words. Mind your words, for they become your actions. Mind your actions, for they become your habits. Mind your habits, for they become your character. Mind you character, for it becomes your destiny.”

Chinese proverb

Logo and Font-Design

Corresponding to the backside of the cards I created a logo and a Ghetto Tarot font in which every letter is ornated with typical Haitian signs.

Ghetto Tarot Logo

You are welcome to contact me for logo and design requests.