Choice in Action

is the first poster of a series of posters I am creating under the name “Tools 4 psycho-spiritual Evolution“. Combining my passion for personal growth and illustration I aim towards creating designs that support personal creative learning as well as group work. Healing practices, coaching sessions, personal journaling, self-exploration, and workshops are just a few example of how these tools can be used.

My intention is to share practical insights that hold great potential for personal empowerment and growth. The deepening of awareness that can come from using these tools can create a solid foundation for connection-based decision-making. Our personal psychological maturity can then ripple out and influence our relationships and therefore our collective human evolution. Looking at the state of Western culture it’s obvious that we’ve got homework to do. Let’s make it fun!

Poster format

Posters are a powerful way of learning. The integration of the embedded wisdom and the stimulation of new insights happens naturally, when a poster is seen over a certain period of time. The main concept of “Choice in Action” is easy to grasp and becomes clearer through repetition. The front side gives a general overview and the back of the poster gives more specific inspiration and guidelines. The many side branches are invitations to go deeper. You decide how deep you want to go.

Compared to the classical “how to … ” self-help books the poster style of learning that I offer gives you more questions than answers. I believe that personal truth doesn’t need to be taught because it can be or even has to be realized and remembered from within. Psychological and spiritual tools and techniques are there to help this natural process of realization.

Choice in Action

In any given situation we can look at four basic choices we have: giving, taking, receiving and releasing. This can relate to physical touch, as well as to a mental attitude or an emotional/energetic experience. These four actions all have a shadow aspect. “Giving” for example becomes “forcing”, which means “I give this to you, no matter if you want it or not”. Again that can be looked at on the physical level or as a pattern of communication. It does not always need to be extreme behavior like “killing someone”. Forcing could be a forceful style of speaking which leads to constantly interrupting other people.

The simple principle of “Choice in Action” opens the doorway into exploring the most intricate and complex patterns in the web of life without imposing any dogma. It’s a personal journey and will be uniquely different for each person who works with this poster.

“Choice in Action” helps to bring different light and shadow aspects of behavior into awareness. Each one of the different aspects of choice can be explored deeper with specially selected questions for self-exploration. The content of the poster also highlights the basic choice between yes, no and maybe and how that relates to our values and sense of empowerment. Cultural conditioning and trauma tend to create inner and outer conditions of abuse and denial. On the path to authentic integrity, freedom and joy all of these blockages come to the surface and we have a chance to re-educate ourselves by learning more about our personal boundaries and choices.

Does that resonate with you? If yes, I am happy to let you know that the “Choice in Action” poster is now available as a high-quality PDF download or as colour print on A4 or A3 paper in my online shop.

I give thanks in advance for your support and wish you all the best,


PS: The wheel of consent

When I finished working on this poster I showed it to a friend and she said “that reminds me of the the wheel of consent!” which at that point I had never heard of. To find out that it’s quite similar to what I have created was a surprise and a confirmation at the same time. It’s amazing that someone on the other side of the planet has looked deeply into their own psyche and found the same principles that I have found through my own introspection. To me, that means that there is something universal in “Choice in Action” that can be of benefit for everyone. You can watch a video about the wheel of consent on youtube, I think it’s great.