How to build a Gnome house

We are facing mayor challenges in the evolution of human consciousness and we need to reduce our environmental impact as soon as possible. Why would anyone waste precious time building gnome houses? It’s probably one of the most unnecessary skills to learn and gnomes are famous for not paying rent.

For me, the answer is simple – building gnome houses is pure play. It’s a way of engaging with natural places, the rocks, the leaves, the mud from a child-like perspective. It’s a game of imagination with the intention to beautify a place with its own materials and to bring something into the visible, that is already there as a potential reality.

When you build a gnome house, it’s crucial that you invite your inner child, to remind you how to do it. If you have children, you might want to take them into the woods and ask them to be your teachers.

Children are experts in creative play and I’ve met some of my best teachers when I was working in a kindergarten.

If you need some instructions, here they are:
  1. Keep your phone at home and go out into nature. Allow your eyes and heart to be open for inspiration. Sitting down in one spot might help.
  2. Once you feel inspired – just do it! Take some sticks and stones and put them together, to see what happens. Maybe you have a plan, maybe not, maybe it keeps changing, simply enjoy the process. You’ll know you’re in it when you start smiling a lot and you might even lose your inner critic for a moment.
  3. Keep going and trust that you can’t do it wrong. At the same time do your best not to harm innocent plants or insects.
  4. Take brakes to admire the beauty and stop whenever you want.

Because gnome houses are not such a serious business, it’s a great way for us adults to nurture our relationship with our inner child. So many of us are busy healing the inner child, so why not add a bit of fun and quality time? Playing in itself can be healing and from my experience, children always love to participate in a good gnome house session!

How much closer would we get to save the planet if adults would stop overdoing things and spend time playing with sticks and stones once in a while? The mindset of competition and deadlines has become such a driving force in this world, so that gnome house construction seems an adequate anti-dot in my eyes.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Feel free to share it and please send my love to the gnomes, if you see them.