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Illustrated birth chart

2009 in India I had my first experience with Astrology. Another traveler spoke passionately about an Italian astrologer, who lived at the Auroville ecovillage, where we were both staying. I gave her a call and booked an appointment. Despite my skeptical attitude, I thought “this is crazy, let’s try it!” What followed was an intense and uplifting experience and it was much more meaningful than I had expected.

Many ancient cultures believe in the principle of “as above so below”, which means that what happens in the sky is related to what is happening on the earth and to us as humans. It seems likely to me, but even if that might not be true, I value Astrology as a source of inspiration on a psychological level. In the last year I have started to familiarize myself with the basic astrological vocabulary and concepts, in order to be able to read my own birth chart. A birth chart is also known as a natal chart, an astro chart or a horoscope. It is a diagram representing the positions of the planets seen from the earth at the time of a person’s birth or any other event.

Ordinary birth chart

At first looking at a birth chart can be overwhelming and it seems a bit abstract. I came up with the idea of illustrating my birth chart so that the information would be more accessible to me. This process has created a visual aid which has allowed me to explore Astrology from a new perspective. Through imagery, the illustrated birth chart can encapsulate a lot of information and has made my birth chart come alive!

If you want to get your personal illustrated birth chart, or know someone who is interested in Astrology and would like to see it come alive in this way, feel free to contact me.

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