The inner forest – meditation

It is sunday afternoon and I have just finished my latest drawing. In fantasy art dragons are often shown as violent monsters, but I prefer to imagine them as wise and benevolent embodiment of the spirit of the forest. In this picture the dragon is the guardian of the inner forest.

In our collective psyche, we all share the memory of the “eternal forest”. It comes from the time when we lived as monkeys on trees together. Do you remember?

There is a meditation that uses this ancient picture, in order to create a moment of peace and relaxation inside of us. It is quite easy:

  1. Sit down with a straight spine, close your eyes (after reading the instruction), relax and take a few deep breaths
  2. Now imagine a big tree, maybe your favourite tree or create your own scenery in your imagination. Go into the scene as fully as you can, walk around the tree, look at the roots, the bark, the leaves, feel with your hands how they feel. What type of weather do you imagine around the tree? Is it day or night? Do you hear the wind in the leaves or birds singing?
  3. Imagine a door inside of the trunk of the tree, Take your time to imagine it with all the details that you wish to be there. Make it exactly the way you want it to be.
  4. The door opens slowly and behind the door you see the eternal forest. You go through the door and find yourself in a untouched forest. Explore the forest in your imagination: is there some water? What trees do you see? Do you see mountains and valleys? Does is look like a tropical rainforest or maybe like the ancient beech forest of middle Europe? In this place you actively “dream” the beauty into existence, there are no limitations. travel through the forest, eat some berry and fruits, drink from a pure source of water, ride on a stag or fly on an eagle.
  5. Find a special place, where you can take a break. Relax even deeper and alow the healing quality of this place to flow into you and to give you new courage and inspiration.
  6. Come back trough the magical door and give thanks to your imagination for the journey that you have experienced.

I wish you a good time experiencing this meditation!