Celtic knotwork – Rowan tree

In the past weeks I connected more deeply with the rowan tree. I made a set of Runes from rowan wood, a tincture from the red rowan berries and spend some time meditating under different rowan trees in the forest.

I asked the Spirit of the rowan to show itself to me and inspire my artwork. I created this image to honour and celebrate this special and beautiful tree.

She is a real queen of the forest, strong, noble, gentle and healing. On an emotional level the rowan offers teachings about protection, healing and psychic intuition.

On the picture she is surrounded by fiery solar colours and opens a gateway into the flowing, gentle and loving realm of healing water. Like the Celtic Goddess Brigit, she combines the qualities of fire and water to heal and inspire.

Our ancestors recognised the red berries as a sign of life force and vitality.

In folklore there are hundreds of references to be found telling of the use of crosses made from rowan twigs and bound with red thread, used to protect animals, people and  houses.I included a rowan cross into the centre of this illustration.

The Celtic knotwork and the frame complete this project. I am looking forward to work with different trees in a similar way. Thank you Rowan!