Shamanic Lands


Yannick Dubois at Shamanic LandsOn the weekend of 11th and 12th of July I have been to an event in London called The Shamanic Lands.

For two days many inspiring teachers and storytellers have spoken about subjects that deeply resonate with me. They took us on a journey from druidic wisdom, to earth energies, into sacred dreamtime and back home into our hearts, to our connection to the land and the winds. It was  amazing!

During the two days I was on a special mission. For the first time in my life I used my artistic skills to provide a “graphic facilitation” for an event.  That means that while the speakers were giving their talks I have been listening and drawing simultaneously with the intention to capture the essence or the dream of each talk.

The following seven pictures have been created in this process and have been visible to the participants of the event.One thing that has been said several times is that looking at the pictures, helps to remember the talks in greater detail. That’s a big part of what I wanted to achieve and I am happy that it worked so well. Prints can now be ordered online.

I feel grateful that I have been given this opportunity and for all the positive feedback I received from the community. For many year I did not feel confident enough to show my artwork to other people and I know that it’s a common theme among artists. At this point of my life I am able to trust the process while being exposed to other people’s opinions in a very direct way.

This is only possible because I have gone through different stages of transformation, through aggression, fear and stuckness. This process is still going on inside of me and I  like to encourage others to go on their own journeys and to heal their inner artist child. It’s so rewarding!

Best wishes & many blessings


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