The triskele of healing

Triskele of Healingis a symbol that I have come up with, to illustrate how nature provides healing.

The three parts of the triskele represent the elements of water, fire and plants. The combination of 2 or 3 of these elements is very interesting and I would like to give some examples how healing through water, fire and plants and be achieved.

Water heals:

Since the beginning of time it is our most basic medicine. Sadly it becomes more and more difficult to find pure and unpolluted water sources. As drinking water is keeps our body flexible and the healing power is spring water from special places like the Chalice Well in Glastonbury is also well known.

It cleanses wounds and is the basis of our hygiene for both our body and our living spaces. Every child knows how  nice it feels to splash about, when the warm sun in shinning in summertime.

Hydrotherapy based on Sebastian Kneipp teachings shows more possibilities to heal with water. Shamans in the Amazon sing to water, to communicate healing information to the patient who drinks the water. The research of Masaru Emoto is especially interesting in this context.

Fire heals:

It has already been used to disinfect and burn out wounds in stone age times. During the celtic period, the healers where very skillful in using heated iron for these purposes.

The combination of fire and water creates many powerful ways to heal, like the sweatlodge or the sauna. Furthermore we have the use of warm baths, hot water bottles, leg compress and clysters.

Plants heal:

For every disease there is a healing herb. Many healing plants grow on the side of the way and can be eaten raw. Fresh leaves, roots and flowers harvested at the right time of the year can be made into medicines.

In combination with water the compounds of the plants can be extracted. Mixed with strong alcohol tinctures can be made and mixed with oil or fat highly effective ointments can be created. The combination of plants with honey, beer and vine has been well-tried and tested throughout the centuries. Approximately 90 % of all pharmacological products have been extracted from the plant kingdom.

When fire is combined with dried herbs, we obtain disinfecting and stress reducing smudging mixtures. Even smoking can be used medicinally, like in form of special asthma cigarettes for example.

The combination of fire, water, and healing plants enriches our lives with teas, infusions and healing steams like the ones used for inhalation and in saunas.

It is a rewarding task to lean how to use water, fire and plants in an elaborated way. When I suffered from limes disease, I became aware of these basic principles of nature and their understanding has helped me a great deal to recover.

I can only encourage people to take more responsibility for their own health and enjoy the increased life quality that comes along with it.

Best wishes,