Three new Posters

The increasing interest in Shamanism and earth-based spirituality is a positive indicator for an increasing awareness of our inter-connectedness with the Earth and all other lifeforms. Now is the time to remember and nurture our relationships in both the visible and the invisible realms. Our ancestors have passed down wisdom in the form of images and stories that contain the most effective tools for re-connection. The posters I create make these ancient images accessible in a new way.

Like most of us, I am a visual learner. My gift is to summarize and illustrate the essence of what I experience and learn about. During the last years, I developed a deeper understanding of Celtic Shamanism and these posters are an outcome of this journey. I offer them to you, so they may inspire your journey and guide you deeper into your own unique connection with Nature.

The following three posters are now available on my Etsy page. They are all printed on recycling paper, with plant-based inks only and the highest available standard of eco-printing techniques. This way I make sure all my products are made with integrity and love for the Earth.

Moon Magic: The moon and her cycle have deeply inspired our ancestors for thousands of years. Each phase of her waxing and waning has a distinctly different quality and effect on humans, plants and animals. This poster is designed to help you keep track of these influences and align yourself and your activities to them. When your personal life, a project or business is flowing and pulsating with the rhythm of the moon, something magical happens.

Within every cycle of 28 days, there are moments that are especially conducive to set intentions, communicate and share with the world, to evaluate and take rest. What happens in the sky and outside of us starts to be reflected in our personal inner world and increases a sense of coherence and relationship. Following this basic blueprint, we gain a deeper understanding of the power of regeneration and organic growth. A balanced, harmonious and therefore healthy approach to life allows the ebb and flow that the moon so beautifully demonstrates. Working with this poster is a simple and yet effective way to connect with the Magic of the Moon.


Tree of Life: All over the world, religions worship God or Gods in temples that are significant to their history and tradition. Nature-based spirituality is different in the sense that there is no sacred scripture and no initial revelation by a teacher, which means that all of Nature is the sacred temple in which we can find communion with something greater than us. The centre can be found and declared anywhere but traditionally trees were often see

n as the bridge between the worlds. Tress physically and energetically grow equally into the sky and into the earth, which means that they absorb both cosmic and the planetary impulses. The Tree of Life posters illustrates this aspect of universal Shamanic cosmology and introduces you to a way of working with the tree image to navigate consciousness. The tree itself acts as a map to travel to different inner dimensions, like the nine worlds on the Norse World-tree Yggdrasil. The poster also has instructions for a powerful centring practice that is highly beneficial do anchor and ground us before and after any ritual or healing work.


Tree Ogham: Plant medicine is becoming more and more popular, but we don’t always have to go far in order to find the magic and healing our green kin can bring into our lives. The tree Ogham is an expression of our ancestor’s relationship with the natural world and can help us bridge that gap between us and the lost indigenous wisdom of our shamanic ancestors. Ogham is the first known attempt at written communication native to the British Isles. Similar to the Nordic Runes, it was scratched into wood or carved into stones.

Using it in a modern context connects us directly to the timeless beauty of Natures creativity. When we slow down enough to be receptive, we find that the teachings are alive in the actual landscape around us. Like all plants, animals and stones, this selection of 20 trees and plants all carry wisdom, teachings and medicine. The Tree Ogham Posters gives you an overview of the energetic qualities of some of the most common trees of our climate zone. Familiarising yourself with the qualities of these plant spirits can be the beginning of a profound and inspiring journey. Establishing your own relationship to plants and working with their medicine is at the heart of Shamanic practices all over the world.