Tools 4 psycho-spiritual Evolution

12 years ago I was deeply depressed, suicidal and disconnected from my friends and family. It seemed impossible to come out of that state, but one day when I was recovering from intense fever I felt light, calm and open. I had a spontaneous conversation with myself. I sat down on a chair and imagined the depressed version of me sitting on my bed. We looked at each other. I remember saying out loud:

“Thank you for everything you have shown me. You have taught me that humans create suffering for each other, themselves and the planet. You have lead me into the void and introduced me to the meaninglessness of life. Today I feel different and I get the feeling there might be something else going on. I can always come back to you and kill myself another time. I want to understand a few more perspectives, so good bye for now!”

After that conversation I decided to learn everything I can about life and what “being human” might be. I didn’t stop that quest and probably never will. The journey took me to many different places inside and outside of myself, to teachers and traditions, festivals and night clubs, universities and camp fires. I had to revisit states of depression many more times, but I’ve never been fully absorbed in them again. My burden has become a door opener.

Beginning of this year I was looking at potential work and I knew I wanted to use with my skills as an illustrator. During a self-created druidic freestyle ritual I realized that part of my purpose is to illustrate the pearls of wisdom that I have collected over the years, to make them accessible to others in a fresh and uplifting format.

“Tools 4 psycho-spiritual Evolution” is my offering to the world and to all the seekers and depressed versions of beautiful beings. In the coming years I’ll create and publish a series of posters that communicate useful information and skills in a condensed and visually appealing form. I feel passionate about stories of personal growth, healing and transformation. That is what I want to contribute to by blending my knowlege of psychology, spirituality and illustration. I would love to reach out to more people, so please share and stay connected.

Here is a taster whilst I am finishing the first poster about Choice in Action