Two more stag pictures

from my collection of unpublished paintings. Every now and then a stag turns up and want’s to come out onto the paper.These two pictures are now available as prints in my new online-shop.

The blue stag is from a period of my life, when I was living in Berlin and just recovering from limes disease, in Spring 2013. After being unable to leave my home for about three months, the stag image re-activated something in me. The longing to go out and reconnect with nature became irresistible.

Because of how weak I was and the danger of getting another tick bite, I thought I might never be able to spend time in the forest again. The blue stag was my guide at that time. He helped my curiosity and love for nature to become stronger than the fear.

The second picture shows the stag and the oak triskelion and it is from Autumn 2015. At that time I had just started my first year of Druid College training. I was living in the countryside, not far from Glastonbury, often went out for walks and allowed my imagination to open up to the landscape, the trees and the animals around me.

For me Druidry is not just about the Celts and the past. It’s about the experience of being connected to the land, here and now, in this body and this cultural and historical time frame. A shift in my perception started to happen and the stag was a messenger again.

First it was just a subtle feeling, but over time his voice became clearer:

“I am nature. I am a part of the land and a child of the Earth. That which made the sky, the rocks and the trees sustains me in every moment.”  

I believe that on a fundamental level that’s true for all of us. I send these pictures out into the world, so that they can inspire and guide others. Thanks for your time, Yannick