Wheel of the Year – Earth Pathways Diary 2018

It’s time to celebrate!
I am very happy to announce that my Wheel of the Year is part of the Earth Pathways Diary 2018.
For those of you who don’t know the diary, it’s a truly magical calendar that guides you through one solar cycle and all the moon cycles within that year. It is well structured and has astrological information, poems and exquisite artwork on each page. I’ve used it for two years and it has become a real friend.
As part of the Earth Pathways Diaries crew, each artist is allowed to sell the 2018 calendars.
If you order your Earth Pathways Diary through me, a part of the money goes towards supporting my artwork.
This is an important step for me because the artwork I’ve created with the inspiration from nature and the forest is now going to be seen by many people and I feel ready, excited and deeply grateful!