Wheel of the year – new full colour version

Dear forest friends,

a new and shiny full colour version of my wheel of the year design is now ready to be printed on organic cotton and other materials like posters and notebooks. But not only that, you can also chose between three different motives for the centre of the wheel and get your own power animals included.

To make an order simply contact me via e-mail or facebook. The price for a waterproof eco-cotton 60 x 60 cm print is 40 £ / 50 € including shipping worldwide.

What is new?

The main difference lies in the green and beige background and the brown and green colours in the branches of the frame. When using the cloth as a portable altar outdoors, the colours blend in more naturally with the environment.

A descriptions of  the different parts of the wheel can be found in this previous article.

Chose your own animals

We share this planet with so many amazing animals. They can be our friends, teachers, guides, healers and much more. Therefore I leave it up to you.

Tell me which animals you feel most connected to and I’ll draw them for you. This way you can get your personalised version of the wheel of the year.

My intention is to offer an aesthetic tool for earth based spiritual practises like Druidry, Wicca or other magical and shamanic paths. The idea is, that this image invokes inspiration and can be used in many different ways:

It could be a point of focus during for a ritual, a mandala to meditate with, a cloth on your nature table, … how many more option can you come up with?

The centre of the wheel

Chose one of three different options for the centre of the wheel.

  1. The dragon with two guides or ancestors, representing God and Goddess. For me, they are the gate-keepers of the inner forest.
  2. The Celtic tree of life is a powerful symbol of interconnectedness.
  3. The dragon guardian surrounding a Cristal chamber, showing us the hidden beauty from inside the earth.






Flow of inspiration – working with the Awen

The next picture gives you an idea of how I use this tool in my own practice. It helps me to celebrate the changing seasons and tune in to my relationships to the trees and animals of the forest. Arranging objects on top and around the cloth allows me to slow down and come fully into the present moment.

By honouring the four elements and four directions of the sky, the Awen – the spirit of inspiration starts to flow. The light and shadow, the wind, the rocks and the water, … all is present around and inside of us. That’s what the wheel of the year stands for and I would love to see how you might use it. May the Awen flow.

Any questions or feedback?

Feel free to contact me.

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