Wheel of the Year – A3 Poster

a new design of an ancient concept. In addition to the Wheel design itself, the poster offers an overview of 8 tree and animal spirits, with different associations, the essence of the 8 seasonal festivals as well as the Celtic Ogham and Nordic Runes.

This poster is now available in my online-shop, for £ 9 (plus £ 3 postage – UK).

The Wheel of the Year is a reminder of the cyclical nature of life. It’s an invitation to acknowledge the change and to go with the rhythms of the seasons instead of resisting them. In Druidry, as well as in most tribal cultures, this acknowledgement is achieved through celebration and ritual.

One of the 8 festivals has just gone past. After the autumn equinox on September 22nd, the days are now shorter than the nights. We enter the dark half of the year, a good time for releasing the old, integrating the experiences of the summer and meditating with a cup of tea by the fire. Looking at the wheel you can locate yourself in space and time and ground yourself in a place of balance in the centre. For more information about the wheel, have a look at two of my previous articles. Here and here.

The Wheel of the Year is also in the Earth Pathways Diary 2018. Another great tool for your magical journey.

On the poster you find keywords, that can be used to open a sacred space for yourself and others, in which you can celebrate, meditate or journey in shamanic ways.

This is done through invocation of the four directions and the for elements. In the East, you will find the words: “Spirit of the East, element of air, grandfather Sky, spirit of Spring and childhood, I call you in and ask for your blessings, guidance and inspiration”. You might want to experiment with your own words too.

Druidry is non-dogmatic and encourages each person to find their own unique and creative connection with nature. This poster is done in that spirit and has the potential to guide you deeper into your own intuitive understanding.

With Awen blessings,