Committed to lifelong learning from Nature and ancient wisdom traditions like Druidry, bushcraft and shamanism, I intend to offer tools for connection in a modern form.

My workshops are based around:

    • sensory awareness and observation of Nature
    • intuitive creativity – drawing and writing
    • relationship space and time – spirits of place
    • the Wheel of the Year and other ancient symbols
    • seasonal festivals, ritual and ceremony
    • tree – herb- and animal-lore
    • ancestors of blood and tradition
    • personal transformation
    • depths psychology
    • shamanic techniques like drum journeying
    • prayer and meditation

Upcoming Events:

5th of October 2019 in Forest Row (East Sussex)

Re-enchanting the Land – Connecting with Spirits of Place.

This day-long workshop is for those of you, who would like to look at the beauty of Nature with new eyes and open up their senses to the natural magic all around us. I believe that being absorbed in a state of curiosity, awe, and wonder like a playing child is always possible, no matter how old we are. Based on my own experiences in Nature and my training in Druidry and bushcraft, I intend to share profound insights and effective tools, that will enable you to become more fully alive in the present moment.

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Workshop History:


    • Discover the Celtic Wheel of the Year, a day-long Workshop – Forest Row


    • Samhain the Hunter, Ancestor Workshop – Into the Wild Festival.
    • Druidry: Spirits of Place – Into the Wild Festival.
    •  Druidry: Wheel of the Year – Into the Wild Festival.


    • Drawing with Nature Spirits – Into the Wild Festival.
    • The Celtic Wheel of the Year – Into the Wild Festival.